Adiós, Austin! Parting Photos from SXSW

Well, that’s a wrap! Between the food, the awesome response to Alpha One, and the amazing attendees, SXSW Interactive has treated our team well. Armed with new insights into how users will want to interact with the platform, and loads of info on how the interactive world is evolving, the team back at HQ can’t wait to implement everything the SXSW crew brings back with them (including any awesome food stuffs).

Next week, the blog will get back to the regularly scheduled space talk. In the meantime, check out a few more highlights from UrtheCast’s time in Austin, Texas:

An Alpha One station in the UrtheCast booth.

Takin' it to the street: the SXSW music conference begins...

Some Urthelings who are clearly ready for their close-up.

"Hipster Schwag" via @mattboyd on Instagram

Eric and Matt on their weekly Ustream broadcast, Tuesday 4PM PST

Fancy! The SXSW team poses for the cameras. From left to right: Matt Boyd, Head of Product; Laura Powell, Operations Coordinator; Eric Bieller, Head of Development; Jill Lennox, Communications Manager.

Till next year… adiós, Austin.

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