VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of the UrtheCast Platform

Life at a tech start-up moves at a mile a minute. One second you’re readying HD video cameras for launch into space and the next you’re setting up a ground station network across the globe.

Developing an engaging platform to view this HD video is no different; it’s an elaborate and significant step towards realizing UrtheCast’s vision.

The first version of the UrtheCast platform — Alpha One — was launched during this year’s SXSW Interactive conference to some enthusiastic users and app developers. (To test out the beta version of our platform, check out the UrtheCast homepage.)

Developing an impressive platform is one thing, but when you need to simulate footage from the International Space Station, the entire game changes.

So, how exactly did we make it look as though users were playing with video from space? We filmed it from a slow moving helicopter.

Actually, Jim did:

We worked with photographer Jim Innes to film some footage of Austin, Texas:

Check out Jim and his pilot in action, and catch some video footage of Austin:

The Use of Satellite Imagery in Oil Reserve Exploration

In the earliest days of oil exploration, the science was little more than the search for natural seepages of oil with the naked eye–find where it was already rising to the surface and drill until you struck the source of the leak.

The success rate of the seepage method was about 10%. At that rate, it would be difficult to impossible for oil producers to keep pace with the growing demand for oil.

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