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Photo Collage: Earthlings Wave At Cassini

Theras A. Gordon Wood ‐ Earth Imagery & Video

It’s been just over a month since Cassini turned back toward Earth and captured our planet. Did you take a moment to wave at Saturn’s orbiter on July 19? After striking a pose and giving Cassini a wave, Earthlings from over 40 countries shared over 1,400 images of their photo shoots, which have been collaged [...]


The Use of Satellite Imagery in Oil Reserve Exploration

Theras A. Gordon Wood ‐ Company

In the earliest days of oil exploration, the science was little more than the search for natural seepages of oil with the naked eye--find where it was already rising to the surface and drill until you struck the source of the leak. The success rate of the seepage method was about 10%. At that rate, it would be difficult to impossible for oil producers to keep pace with the growing demand for oil.