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New Camera In Space To Stream Earth @Holloman Meets UrtheCAST

Space tourism is slowly becoming a reality but still most of us will never see earth from space, until now. SF based UrtheCAST are on schedule to put HD cameras on the International Space Station by the end of 2012 to stream live images. The camera travels 26,000 km per hour and orbits the earth 16 times a day. I met Eric Bieller the Chief Product Developer to talk about how this is different from Google Earth, how they plan to make money and how you get start a space business.

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Startup Stages Flash Mob for Social Media Day

Close to 500 people participated in a flash mob in New York City’s Hudson River Park for Social Media Day. The performance was the brainchild of tech startup Urthecast, which aims to provide the first-ever HD streaming video of the Earth from space. Surprised tourists waiting in line for Hudson River cruises were taken aback as the participants, clad in orange, ran to the boardwalk and started dancing.