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UrtheCast Education Award For The Canadian Satellite Design Challenge

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The UrtheCast Educational Outreach Award For The Canadian Satellite Design Challenge

UrtheCast is pleased to announce that it will sponsor a newly-established Educational Outreach Award for the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC).

The Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC) is a Canada-wide competition for teams of university students to design and build a small operational science research satellite known as a ‘3U-cubesat’ or ‘triple-cubesat’. These satellite measure 34cm x 10cm x 10cm, and have a maximum mass of 4kg. The satellite will undergo full launch and space environment qualification, with the goal of launching the winning satellite into orbit to conduct scientific research.

As a part of the CSDC’s requirements, participating teams are required to give presentations at schools and public events across the country. The UrtheCast Educational Outreach Award, consisting of a trophy and cash prize, will be presented to the team that has shown exemplary leadership and effort in fulfilling the educational outreach requirements for the CSDC.

“UrtheCast is more than pleased to make this donation to the CSDC, and we’re very honoured that the organization has developed their Educational Outreach Award in our name,” explained Wade Larson, UrtheCast’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “Given the growing popularity of CubeSat launches, the CDSC is in a great place to help put Canada on the map in this area, while giving students the opportunity to actively participate in space-earth sciences. We’re extremely happy to be a part of those efforts.”

“The Educational Outreach component is an important element of the CSDC, and we are extremely grateful that UrtheCast is supporting this initiative,” stated Larry Reeves, President of the CDSC Management Society, the non-profit organization that co-ordinates the CSDC’s activities. “University students are excellent role models for younger students in primary and secondary schools, and we hope that the Educational Outreach presentations will inspire the younger students to pursue post-secondary educations and careers in science and engineering fields. ”

Now in its second offering, the CSDC challenges post-secondary students from across Canada to design small satellites, with the aim of enhancing space-related knowledge, and developing Canada’s next generation of space industry and high-tech leaders.

The Educational Outreach Award will be given at the final awards dinner at the end of May, 2014, prior to the announcement of the design challenge winner.


About The Canadian Satellite Design Challenge Management Society.

The Canadian Satellite Design Challenge Management Society (CSDCMS) is a federally-incorporated not-for-profit organisation, headquartered in Vancouver, B.C.


For more information please contact:

Larry Reeves

President, CSDC Management Society

Ph: +1 778-988-6343

E: CSDC@geocentrix.ca

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