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UrtheCast Sponsors Disrupt Space Summit

Theras A. Gordon Wood ‐ Company

UN World Food Programme’s Sustainability Hackathon Will Harness UrtheCast Data at Disrupt Space


Cooperation makes it happen

UrtheCast is proud to sponsor the fast-approaching Disrupt Space Summit, taking place April 7–8 in Bremen, Germany. With the aim of connecting aspiring entrepreneurs and decision makers, the Summit encourages collaboration, spurring global problem solving using space technology.

The space industry is no stranger to collaboration, and space-based missions are inherently collaborative, due in part to their sheer complexity. This fact of course is not solely applicable to the space industry. Often, the grander the mission, the more collaboration required — within an organization, within an industry, and between industries.

It’s fitting then that this year UrtheCast will be opening up access to Earth APIs for Disrupt Space participants. In one of five challenges being presented at the Summit this week, participants will help to solve a major sustainability problem: lack of access to location-specific information for remote farmers.


The Challenge: Space Hack

Posed by the United Nations World Food Programme (UN WFP), the challenge will be for developers to provide farmers in remote locations with location-specific information, including weather alerts, agricultural advice, crops status, and nutrition tips. UrtheCast will be supporting this challenge by providing medium-resolution Earth Observation data, via API.

“This is a great opportunity for UrtheCast to support innovators who are trying to address real-world problems using Earth Observation technology, and address some of the UN’s Global Goals initiatives for 2030,” explains Dan Lopez, UrtheCast VP of Platform and Analytics Development. “We hope that by working closely with our partners at the UN and developers worldwide, we can help identify solutions for sustainable development and food security, in part, by using our technology as a catalyst.”


The Problem: Lack of Information

Because farmers in remote locations lack access to location-specific weather information, they can suffer from major crop losses and resulting lost profits. Information exists, but it is currently not conveyed in the right way or at the right time.


The Tools: Earth APIs

Using UrtheCast technology, developers will facilitate near-realtime crop vegetation index monitoring, via the spectral analysis of medium-resolution satellite imagery, which will enable the monitoring of crop development dynamics.


The Mission: Satellite Tech Support

The mission for these budding entrepreneurs is to provide a new and novel way to use satellite crop monitoring technology to support one or more of the following:

  • Agronomists and agriculture companies
  • Farmers and business owners
  • Investors and investment analysts
  • Insurance brokers
  • Agriculture machinery producers
  • Governmental organizations engaged in agriculture, food security, and ecological problems
  • Humanitarian relief, and food security initiatives for NGOs and non-profits


About Disrupt Space

The Summit is a grassroots organization that combines a hackathon with workshops and panel discussions. Follow along during the event with #DisruptSpace and @idisruptspace, and watch the livestream, here, April 7 starting at 09:00 GMT +2.

For those attending, UrtheCast’s Director of Marketing, Lyne Rainville, will be available to chat. Ping us on Twitter during event, @urthecast, for details.


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