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What is geotagging?

Information that is geotagged or geolocated means different things to different people. With our vision here at UrtheCast being to aggregate any and all online geotagged media and content, geotagged means any web news, media, or information that has a location attached to it. Technically speaking, if you move a book from one side of the table to the other, that is a new piece of geotagged information. From a more practical standpoint, geotagged media and content refers to Tweets, Facebook check ins, Yelps, blogs and a significant portion of other online news and media.

We think that one of the reasons UrtheCast will be compelling is that not only will users be able to see what Earth looks like from space, but we’ll also aggregate other online content that is related to what they are looking at from space. The point is that you’ll be able to follow a location or a place. Imagine being able to not only see what Earth looks like from space, but also being to actually track and follow a place on Earth. As an example, a user will be able to follow the Eiffel Tower and keep track of any news, tweets, comments, or anything elso online that either references the Eiffel Tower actually happens in the area right around it. All the tweets, pictures, cell phone videos, Facebook comments, or news relating to the Eiffel Towel aggregated and wrapped around a streaming streaming video of Earth.

Being able to get a live feed of Earth from space will be revolutionary, but even more so if we can layer what is actually happening, in real time, onto an area. That’s how UrtheCast defines geotagging and that’s what you’ll be able to do at UrtheCast.

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