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UrtheCast Attends ESA's Living Planet 2016

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ESA’s Living Planet Symposium | Prague, Czech Republic

UrtheCast is attending the 2016 ESA Living Planet Symposium in Prague, Czech Republic, from May 9-13. On the exhibit floor, please visit booth #8 to chat with the UrtheCast-Deimos Crew. Details:

  • Tuesday May, 10, 11:30 am: Monica Diez of Deimos-Imaging will present ‘Wall-to-wall European coverage at Very High Resolution: DEIMOS-2 Contribution to the Copernicus Data WareHouse’
  • Friday May 13, 8:20 am: Deimos CEO, Fabrizio Pirondini, will present ‘UrtheCast Constellation: The World’s First Fully-Integrated Optical and SAR Commercial Constellation of EO Satellites’
  • UrtheCast posters will be shown during Poster sessions:
    • Application of time series analysis to mid resolution satellite data, for the implementation and management of indexed agricultural insurance services in Spain
    • Classification of Eucalyptus forested areas in Thailand based on mid-resolution satellite data over the full growing cycle
    • DEIMOS-2 very-high resolution monitoring of 2015 Ebro River floods
    • An unprecedented series of monthly cloud-free European coverage at high resolution: DEIMOS-1 / UK-DMC2 contribution to Copernicus Data WareHouse 2
    • DEIMOS-2 Radiometric Calibration using Pseudo Invariant Calibration Sites


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Deimos-1 Data of the Contiguous United States Now Flowing to the UrthePlatform, Cloud-Free, Every Month

For the first time, newly-collected imagery from UrtheCast's Deimos-1 satellite is flowing to its online platform, known as the UrthePlatform, shortly after acquisition. UrtheCast anticipates that it will be able to provide this broad-area-coverage Deimos-1 data cloud-free for the entire contiguous United States, each and every month, throughout the 2016 agricultural growing season.