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What would last week have looked like on UrtheCast? - UrtheCast Blog

Theras A. Gordon Wood ‐ Company

What would last week have looked like on UrtheCast?

The UrtheCast Camera will orbit around the world 16 times a day allowing the camera to catch approximately a hundred minutes of live videos of earth. That is a lot of potential footage of the earths daily events not to mention the amazing places on earth like the Pyramids in Egypt or a volcano erupting. On any given day there are hundreds of news worthy events that take place that UrtheCasts cameras could catch. Lets take a look at what happened last week in the news that the cameras may have been able to catch.

On going protests throughout the United States and Canada for Occupy Wall Street are bringing large crowds of people to the streets many of these people are even pitching tents and camping out.

A 7.2 magnitude Earthquake in Turkey took several hundred lives and caused great devastation throughout parts of Turkey.

The Cardinals won the world series in St. Louis with a crowed of over 47,000 people.

Flooding in Thailand is expected to last at least another 6 weeks.

All of these events could be viewable by the UrtheCast video camera bringing life to what can now only be caught by picture from satellite. The only problem now is picking what places and events to capture.

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