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A new world of possibilities with geotagging

Geotagging is the recording of the longitude and latitude information attached to a picture, video, or other document posted online.  This information lets users know where the item is originating.  If you are a smartphone user you will notice that your phone has been asking to track your location when you download certain apps.  In a lot of cases this allows you to gain information that is relevant to you based on your location from other users who have geotagged their information.

There are lots of different online platforms and application on smartphones that use maps to pinpoint information to a certain location.  Imagine what this could look like with the footage taken from the International Space Station.  With Urthecast users could be able to upload their images, video and documents to footage of events that are going on around the world.  Imagine being able to see live footage from a large event like the Olympics but also being able to see photos and video that have been geotagged to that location of what people that were there saw.

Two companies that are already using geotagging would be Fwix, or trover.

Fwix is a company dedicated to organizing all of the webs content by location.  When I downloaded it on to my ipad I was asked if they could use my current location.  Once the ipad discovered that I was in Calgary it promptly found me all of the news that could be relevant to me.

When users download the trover app they are asked to put in their location. The application then displays pictures of things that are within 30 kilometers of you.  As you scroll through the pictures the distance away from you becomes greater.  This is a great way to find hidden gems that are hiding in your own neighborhood.

What are your thoughts on syncing UrtheCast with other geotagging applications?

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