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Celebrated Entrepreneur Anthony Lacavera Is Appointed UrtheCast Chairman - UrtheCast Blog

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Celebrated Entrepreneur Anthony Lacavera Is Appointed UrtheCast Chairman

You’d be hard pressed to find someone in the Canadian business world who hasn’t heard of Anthony Lacavera. Anthony is one of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs, as his company’s diverse accolades can attest to; Globalive is one of the largest telecoms in the world and has collected multiple best-in-biz awards.

So, given his experience as Chairman & CEO of Globalive and WIND Mobile, Tony’s presence in Canada’s mobile tech scene is undeniable. This is why UrtheCast is particularly exited to announce that Lacavera has joined the UrtheCast team as Chairman of the Board — not only will Anthony help to cement UrtheCast’s place in Canada’s business environment, he’ll be instrumental in guiding the project through to fruition, and beyond.

Under his leadership, Globalive has obtained numerous ‘Best in Business’ awards and has been named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed companies for the past seven consecutive years. In addition to his company’s accomplishments, Lacavera himself was named 2010’s CEO of the Year by the Globe and Mails Report on Business Magazine, and in 2006 he claimed a spot on Canada’s Top 40 Under 40. Along with an educational background in computer engineering, Anthony also possesses a consumer-centric, strategic mentality — a competitive vision that shook up Canada’s telecommunications industry.

As Chairman of the Board, Anthony joins board members Scott Larson (President) and Wade Larson (Cofounder and Executive Vice President) in leading the company towards providing the world’s first HD Earth video stream from space. By diversifying its board, UrtheCast aims to guide the company closer to providing the world with an interactive Earth video platform, one designed for everyone from internet users and application developers, to media outlets, agriculturalists, and humanitarian organizations such as the United Nations.

You’ll find the Globe and Mail’s piece on Anthony’s new role, here.

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