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UrtheCast Sponsors DevPost's Big Data Hackathon, Sparkathon

Theras A. Gordon Wood ‐ Company

UrtheCast Helps DevPost’s ‘Sparkathon’ Make It Rain Data

We’re happy to announce that UrtheCast is now a sponsor of Devpost’s Sparkathon — a Big Data hackathon powered by IBM Bluemix, with $30,000 in prizes up for grabs.

Throughout the global online competition, software developers and data engineers build weather apps using climatic data and IBM’s new spark-as-a-service offering, Analytics for Apache Spark. Bluemix’s new Spark service allows devs to analyze data using Jupyter notebooks written in Python or Scala, and connect to common data sources like SWIFT and Cloudant. All participants receive extended Bluemix support for their apps for the duration of the hackathon, including 5GB of object storage.

In addition to the Grand Prize of $15,000, special prizes will be awarded for the ‘Best Student’ and ‘Fan Favorite’ apps.

Submissions are due by January 20. For more information or to register, check out sparkathon.devpost.com.

UrtheCast Dev Tools MapTiles screenshot

Get your hands on UrtheCast APIs 

For the duration of the hackathon, UrtheCast is providing free access to its Earth APIs to Sparkathon registrants, through to February 29, 2016. You will gain access to UrtheCast’s platform and APIs, which will allow you to programmatically access Earth Observation satellite imagery data, served up as MapTiles. This data, when combined with Big Data analytics machine learning algorithms, allow you to measure global, regional, and local soil wetness, snow pack, drought, floods, and the effects of weather over time.

To get your free UrtheCast account and gain access to Earth APIs:

  1. Request access at urthecast.com/contact/developers.
  2. In the “Please describe what you wish to build with UrtheCast APIs” box, enter the following promo code: UCDP_Sparkathon.
  3. Once you receive your invite email you will be able to create an account at developers.urthecast.com. There you will find tutorials and documentation. Additional examples are available on UrtheCast’s Github.

Got questions? Please email Grant: platform@urthecast.com.

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