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UrtheCast Sponsors Norah Borden's Planet Earth Art Exhibit

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Art Meets Science: UrtheCast Sponsors Art Exhibit At Science World BC

This summer, Science World British Columbia presents Planet Earth — an art exhibit that brings together art and science, exposing the compelling beauty of our planet.

Canadian artist Norah Borden is teaming up with UrtheCast to showcase our world from an alternate perspective. This innovative collaboration will feature Norah Borden’s large-scale Planet Earth series of paintings in the atrium, while UrtheCast — the world’s first Ultra HD video platform of Earth streamed from space — will display its footage and imagery in the front entrance.

Consider the planet from a higher perspective: Visit Science World at TELUS World of Science between June 17 and Sept. 14, 2015, and be inspired…


Science World British Columbia, TELUS World of Science

Opening Night: Wednesday, June 17, 6:00-8:00 p.m.


About Norah Borden | Norah Borden is a Canadian artist, based in Vancouver. She has traveled extensively and draws upon these experiences as inspiration for her practice. As a graduate of the OCAD University, Norah has exhibited her work across Canada and internationally. Her work is found in numerous private and corporate collections, and her paintings are a part of the Vancouver General Hospital and BC Children’s Hospital permanent public art collection.

Artist Statement | Investigating alternate perspectives is a common thread within my work. The aspiration of my “Planet Earth” series is to encapsulate both a macro satellite viewpoint of the earth while simultaneously give the illusion of minerals on a micro level within each painting in order to engage the community in a multi-level discussion on our environment.

By playing with various perspectives, the paintings have an exploratory nature of their own. Geography is a key component. With thin layers of acrylic pigment and medium, the surface becomes glossy giving the work a polished marble-like quality. The juxtaposition inspires conversations from all angles.

The point of dialogue that most intrigues me is, although borders separate and define everything from our natural resources to cultural attitudes, there is far more that we share in the world than that which divides us. Perhaps by seeing the planet from a higher perspective, we can start to live in harmony because as the saying goes, “There’s no planet B.”



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