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UrtheCast Releases The World’s First Full-Color HD Videos Of Earth

Theras A. Gordon Wood ‐ Company

London, Boston, Barcelona: The World’s First Full-Color HD Videos Of Earth From Space

Today, UrtheCast released the world’s first, full-color HD videos of Earth, filmed from the International Space Station (ISS) at roughly one-meter resolution. These videos of London, Boston, and Barcelona showcase life on Earth as viewed from the International Space Station, revealing the diverse utility of UrtheCast’s technology.

“Today, we are continuing our advancement towards democratizing the Earth Observation industry, making timely Earth video and imagery from space accessible to everyone,” explained Scott Larson, UrtheCast Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “With the ultimate goal of connecting the planet and highlighting what unites us all, we’re revealing a perspective of Earth from space that was previously reserved for a small few. By opening up our API to the web development community, we’re providing collaboration tools that will help people monitor, protect, and benefit our world and will lead to the democratization of Earth Observation imagery.”

London, England

London, UK from UrtheCast on Vimeo.

Boston, U.S.A.

Boston, U.S.A. from UrtheCast on Vimeo.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain from UrtheCast on Vimeo.

Ranging in length from 34 to 47 seconds, and covering areas of up to 1.19 x 0.67 miles (1.92 x 1.08 kms), Iris has captured full-color HD data that is, as of yet, unparalleled.

Wade Larson, UrtheCast Co-founder, President and Chief Operating Officer, added: “We are realizing UrtheCast’s mission to bring something really quite unique to the Earth Observation industry. With today’s video release, we continue to move towards being able to deliver fast, scalable, and affordable Earth Observation imagery to our customers, and ultimately broadening the market appeal and utility of space-based remote sensing.

We expect Iris to achieve Initial Operation Capability (IOC) status in the summer of 2015, complimenting the existing Medium-Resolution Camera (MRC), Theia, which reached IOC status in 2014 and is actively filling orders for imagery and data.

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