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Music Monday Marks Hadfield’s Final Live Event On The ISS

Space and the arts are no strangers, having been pretty friendly over the years.

It’s not, for instance, uncommon for astronauts to know how to wield a guitar, with the most recent renaissance man aboard the ISS being Canada’s Earth-space ambassador, Commander Chris Hadfield.

Now, after a series of (gone-viral) live chats with celebs and students, and clever info segments about life’s minutiae aboard the Station, Hadfield will be holding his last live broadcast with Earth on Monday, May 6.

It’s somewhat fitting then that Chris Hadfield’s final live cast will involve students, music, and the performance of the song he co-wrote here on Earth. It’s a song that was debuted during last year’s out-of-this-world jam session with Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies, and birthed to become the official theme song for Music Monday 2013.

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Barenaked Jam

Before beginning his final leg of training last year, a jam session on Earth between Chris and Ed led to the penning of the Music Monday theme ‘I.S.S.’ (Is Someone Singing), which was commissioned by the Coalition for Music Education and CBCMusic (and is more than good enough to warrant a spot on your iPod rotation).

On Monday, Chris Hadfield will sing that song, live from space, along with hundreds students in a coast-to-coast concert.

Ed Robertson and Chris Hadfield premiered their song from space in 2012. Credit: CBC Music

Chris Chats With A Heart of Gold

Robertson wasn’t the only musician to grace a space broadcast during Hadfield’s ISS tenure. Earlier this week, Chris Hadfield chatted with beloved Canadian icon and rocker Neil Young: “Talked with Neil Young tonight, he in his hybrid 1959 Lincoln, me in a spaceship. Discussed Earth ecology and writing music. A heart of gold,” said Chris over on his Twitter account.

Yet another inspiring moment from Hadfield’s impressive stay on the Space Station — one that’s obviously done Canadians extremely proud.

Live From The ISS: It’s Music Monday!

Come Monday, with hundreds of students gathered at the Ontario Science Centre and across the country, Canadians will perform ‘I.S.S.’ and pose questions to Commander Hadfield via CSA Astronaut and event moderator, Jeremy Hansen. To help them raise awareness about the importance of music education, you can use the CSA’s interactive map to locate the participating schools near you.

For a complete program of the performances, visit the Music Monday website, and watch the live webcast over on the CSA website.

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