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Retirement of UrtheCast Co‑Founder and Senior Vice‑President Dr. Serguei Bedziouk

October 11, 2017:  UrtheCast today announces the retirement of company Co-Founder and Senior Vice-President, Dr. Serguei Bedziouk.

Dr. Bedziouk played a pivotal role in the lead up to and in the founding of the company in 2010 and was a key member of UrtheCast’s Executive team thereafter.  Throughout that time, Dr. Bedziouk has led numerous strategic and operational initiatives for the company, including management of installing the HRC and MRC on board the International Space Stations, winning two important for engineering Contracts (Ku-band and X-band), as well as OptiSAR business development.

“When we founded this company, I could not have imagined how far we would go.  This has been—and frankly still is—an amazing journey,” said Dr. Bedziouk.  “But for a variety of personal reasons, and because of some new opportunities that I wish to pursue in Canada, Europe and Asia, it feels like the time is right for me to move on from UrtheCast.

UrtheCast’s CEO, Wade Larson, commented, “It has been a great privilege and honor to work with Serguei in building this company.   He is truly one of the most talented and resourceful people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  He continues to be a major shareholder, and we wish him the very best in his new entrepreneurial ventures.”

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