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UrtheCast’s Weather Channel Chat

This past weekend, our own Co-founder & Executive Vice President, Wade Larson, was interviewed by the Weather Channel for an all-UrtheCast segment. Wade gave viewers a breakdown UrtheCast’s mission, and answered a couple of our most frequently asked questions:

Q: What will we be able to see when the cameras go live? Will we be able to see individual people?

A: The stream won’t allow you to identify individuals; what you’ll see is something similar to this, depending on where you’re searching:

Manhattan, NY. Credit: Richard Semik / Shutterstock.com

Wade’s explanation, and the rest of the UrtheCast segment, can be viewed here at the Weather Channel:

"You will not be able to see an individual person," says Wade, "but you will see a golf cart moving on a green field...you'll see crowds of people". Click above to check out the interview.

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