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Vancouver Harbour: HD Video from Space

Theras A. Gordon Wood ‐ Company

Vancouver Harbour Brims with Life in HD Video

Boats speed to and fro across Vancouver Harbour, a float plane glides past Stanley Park, and cars hustle down the busy streets of downtown Vancouver in this video captured in August of 2015. Lovely views aside, this recent Iris video of our hometown offers up more than eye candy — it’s an excellent example of how insights can be gained using video from space.

“This video is a prime example of how video from space can provide insight that static imagery cannot,” explains Russ Baker, UrtheCast’s Director of Strategic Initiatives. “If you watch the area around Stanley Park, at one moment a car emerges just before it reaches the the Vancouver Aquarium parking lot. Had there been no car movement, we may not have known that there was a road there. If a single static image had been taken from the same viewing angle, it would have never identified that there was a road through the forest, let alone that a car was travelling on it. Certainly, we know there’s a road there, because we are familiar with this urban area, but had this video been in a remote location, that moving car could hold critical meaning for a customer.”

For more videos of Earth from space, visit gallery.urthecast.com.

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